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Sealers 101
Making the Right Choice when purchasing a bag sealer.

There are many types of sealers available. A brief summary on a sealer’s function, size, speed, and heating
elements will help you determine the right sealer for your needs.

There are mainly 2 types of sealers, an impulse heat and a direct heat sealer.( Vacuum Sealers
The impulse heat sealer is used for any thermoplastic material such as a poly bag that requires a lower
temperature. It can also be used to seal poly –coated materials.
On the other hand, the direct heat sealer provides a higher temperature on heated jaws, so it is mostly used for
cellophane and other thicker thermoplastic or poly-coated materials.
Other functions to be considered in selecting the right sealer are cutter units, vacuum formation and gas purging.

The size of sealer to use depends on the width of the material to be sealed. For easy handling, add one inch to the
width of material to get the size of sealer needed.

The portable sealer is lightweight, handy, very versatile and does not need a big work area. The
sizes are limited.
The hand sealer is the simplest and most economical. The sealing bar is manually lowered. This sealer is available
from 4"-40". Approximately 6-20 packages can be sealed per minute.
The foot sealer provides a faster sealing operation. The sealing bar is pedestal controlled, leaving two hands free
for faster operation. Sealer is available from 12" to 35"? Approximately 8-20 packages can be sealed per minute.
The auto sealer provides the fastest sealing operation. The unit has a continuous automatic motion at a pre-set time
cycle or it can be placed in a manual mode and actuated by a foot switch for each intermittent cycle. Sealer is
available from 12"to 24". Approximately 20-50 packages can be sealed per minute.
The continuous band sealer provides very fast sealing operation with unlimited length.
There are several models available with different features, such as horizontal seal head, vertical seal head, tilting
seal head, left or right side feed, gas purging, coding and imprinting.

Heating Elements for Impulse Heat Sealers:
The heating element comes in round or flat. In most sealers, the round and flat wire can be interchanged.
The round wire is mainly used for cut and seal. There is no seam left.
Depending on the width of the flat wire element, sealers are available in 2-3mm, 5mm , 8mm, or 10 mm. Some
sealers are equipped with two heating elements for faster heat penetration, ideal for sealing thicker materials.

Standard Features of our Impulse Heat Sealers
The sealers are of metal construction, the body is formed out of a rugged cast aluminum and the pivot is all steel.
The sealers are of industrial quality and built to last.
Most sealers are equipped with plug-in electronic timer and built in micro-switch. No warm-up time is needed. Power
is used only when the sealing bar activates the micro-switch. The variable timer let you seal various types and
thickness of plastic films. A signal light and beeping sound come on to let the operator know the heat cycle is
completed and the seal is done.
The number in the model number usually indicates the size of the sealer in mm; so a 200 is an 8"and a 1000 is a
40". The letter in the model number is used to designate the manufacturer and type of sealer, such as H for hand
sealer, and A for auto sealer. Divide mm by 25.4 to get its equivalence in inches.  
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