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Our hand sealers come in a variety of different models. The main difference is the length and the width of
the seal.
LENGTH: The length is obvious, just pick a model with a length a little more than the longest bag or widest
film you need to seal or cut. Don't get a 12" sealer to seal a 12" wide bag...that's cutting it too close!

SEAL: Seals are available in a variety of widths starting at 2mm. Pick a wider seal if your seal integrity is
very important. A good example would be a food application where you don't want any air or dirt getting in
to the product or a liquid application where the seal needs to be leak proof.
Cut-and-Seal We also offer a round seal element for shrink film, shrink bags or poly tubing...the round
element will cut and seal the material at the same time. This is a no charge option. For these cut-and-seal
applications, choose a 2mm wide sealer and specify "round element" in the comment section of the
shopping cart.

QUALITY: All our hand sealers are metal construction, not plastic. On the 4" through 20" sealers you will
see up to three different brands and models, the FS series, TISH series and AIE series. All are metal
sealers but the AIE and TISH series are a little heavier than the FS series. The AIE series are UL listed
(CE listing is available on some AIE models). AIE and TISH models are manufactured in Taiwan, FS
models in China. Pick the TISH or AIE models if you plan on heavy duty use.

Our hand sealers with cutter have a blade that allows you to manually cut a shrink tube or poly tube after
you seal it. This is primarily used with tube stock to cut the tube to length or open the sealed end of the tube
for the next product. When sealing bags, shrink or otherwise, you usually do not need a cutter! See the
"round element" information above.
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