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Shell Sealers -
direct heat hand sealer for foil bags,coffee bags
direct heat hand sealer for polybags
KF-150PS is a poly heat sealer. It makes a
perfect strong 6" long and 1/8" wide seal on
poly bag and other thermoplastic materials. The
upper jaw holds the metal sealing bar with a
275 degree F sealing temperature and is
covered with a teflon cloth. The bottom jaw
holds the resilient silicone rubber. It seals
polyethylene or polypropylene up to 6 mil thick.
The unit is heavy duty with high impact ABS
thermal plastic casting. Warm-up time is 15
Price $99.95

KF-150CST is a Teflon coated direct heat sealer, equipped with 2 heated 9/16"
(15mm) wide and 6" long serrated jaw.
It is ideal for sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, kraft paper, and coffee
The temperature switch has 2 temperature settings, 350 & 450 degrees
Fahrenheit. This unit gives a serrated horizontal lines seal.
Price $119.00
KF-150 series can be used by hand, on a
table or by foot pedal. The pedal and clamp
set is an optional accessory, which can be
purchased individually. The sealer can be
clamped anywhere on a table, and the
sealing operation can be done using the
foot pedal. No special stand and screws for
mounting are necessary.
Price $39.00

Part # KF-772DH
The Clam Shell Sealer is equipped with two heated 3/8" wide and
10mm long serrated jaws. It has two temperature settings, 180 &
210 degree C (350 & 450 degree F). Ideal for sealing poly packing
cases such as clam shell and other similar types of containers.
Handles remain cool during operation. The sealer can be used in the
voltage range of 100-240v.
Price $99.50
Part #ASPAL-ON-Pak

Aspal On-Pack (PT-V) Ultrasonic Clam Shell
Sealer is an ultrasonic welder. Material is
welded by using ultrasonic wave. It is safe and
easy to operate. The sealing jaw is 3mm x 6mm.
The oscillating frequency is 60 khz. Ideal for
sealing clam shells or for tacking.
No warm -up time needed.
Volts 100v
Power 20w

Price 499.00
The heated bar is 10". Ideal for sealing
irregular packages. Great care is needed
in using this product. Optional 12"
working mat is available.
Price $36.00
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KF-150CST Great for sealing
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Constant Heat Roller Sealer
Seal Polyeythylene or Cellophane any length seal round ,oval or
straight by moving
2 1/4" teflon wheel temp range from 80 to 420F comes with
stand.115V 80W               
Item No. HWS-802HW  5mm roller     Price  

Item No. HWS-803HW  10mm roller   Price  $179.00
Constant  Heat
Vacuum Bags