Typical Shelf Life Comparison
Normal Refrigerated Foods
Compared to Vacuum Packed
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Sealers Unlimited supply's & represents manufacturer's of a complete line of Heat Sealers and Vacuum Bag Sealers to meet the needs associated with packaging of sterile
medical devices, pharmaceuticals, bio -tech, clean-room, electronics,vacuum sealing  food, cosmetics and industrial product vacuum sealing. Our line of Heat Sealing bag
Machines includes  Medical, Impulse, Constant Heat and Vacuum Sealers. Our Vacuum Sealer line from the Amerivacs Vacuum Bag Sealers to the Budget Pro-2300 Vacuum
Sealer, have the muscle and versatility to handle virtually any sealing, vacuum sealing, or modified atmosphere vacuum  packaging application. Specialty Sealers,Parts for all
our plastic
bag sealers are in stock,hand sealer parts, foot poly bag sealer parts , automatic poly bag sealer parts,bags Sealers for Polyethylene bags
All Chamber sealers Shipped by Freight line on a pallet.
Enjoy your bounty year-round. At the peak of perfection, then simply blanch, vacuum package
and freeze. Need a Commercial Vacumm Sealer ? We have the best made.
We offer a large range of Vacuum Sealers, Vacuum sealers like the Pro-2300 or Promarks
Chamber Vacuum Sealers and the Amerivacs line of vacuum bag sealers for commercial,
electronics and clean rooms.
Reduce your grocery bills by buying in bulk. Simply vacuum package your purchases in portions
that fit your family's needs and freeze for up to three years. No time to cook? No problem. Now
you can Prepare meals in advance, vacuum package, and freeze them. Reduce waste and
spoilage by freezing leftovers and extending the life of your food.  We offer a wide variety of
machines from the Pro-2300  to the large commercial TC-280.  !
VACUUM ROLLS ? We have a  large selection to choose from like the Vacuum Bags, or Bags and
rolls for Food Saver ,  also the Vacmesh
TM bags that fit Magic by Deni, and many other vacuum
packaging machines all of which are FDA Vacuum Bags and Vacuum rolls.  If you have any
questions about the variety or how to choose which bags are right for you. Email at
Los Angeles Factory & Service Dept
Worldwide Shipping - These machines are the best made at very competitive prices.
vacuum sealer bags
Chamber Sealer Bags Many stock
sizes and styles
chamber vacuum bag sealer
chamber vacuum bag sealer
Chamber vacuum sealers
AVC Amerivacs chamber vacuum sealer
TC-420P1 Chamber Front Front Our Top Our
Top Seal Bar Seal Bar Selling Commercial
Machine With Commercial OIL PUMP
We will beat any Legitimate  Price Quote
Bar & TC-420P2 (2 Seal Bars) Left & Right or
Front & Back For Faster Production
Chamber vacuum sealer
TC-520  Chamber Vacuum sealer 2 Seal bars
left & right sides
Amerivacs AVC Chamber Vacuum  Sealer
Made In U.S.A. Runs on Compressed Air
Top Of the Line Years of  Trouble Free
chamber vacuum sealer
Double Chamber vacuum sealer
TC-350 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Fish
Packing unit
SC-680LR Chamber  Vacuum Sealer  TWO
20" seal bars Busch Pump
Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer ( 5 models
)For High Production DC-530 DC-640-DC-800  
DC-860  DC900
SC-800LR Chamber Vacuum sealer TWO
26" seal Bars Busch Pump

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Industrial Vacuum Sealers - Chamber vacuum sealers - Impulse Sealers-Bag Sealers - Bag Sealers - Commercial Food Processing Equipment
Many of our Vacuum Sealers are MADE IN USA. All are made to strict FDA/NSF/UL Specifications.
ALL of our sealers carry factory warranty. Plus all spare parts available if needed.
Chamber Vacuum Sealers:
The product that is to be packaged is loaded into a film pouch
and is placed in the vacuum chamber. When the lid has been closed automatic vacuum sealing starts,
for all food items fish, meats, cheese, jerky, and industrial high production. Multiple bags can be processed
at one time,
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Vacuum Bags