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Sinbo Vacuum Sealers DZ-280 Vacuum Bag Sealer
Great for Hunters Fishermen, Home
Food Storage, Hobby Collectibles
save corrosion many uses in the
Home or Lab.
We sell many sizes of Bags this sealer
uses up to 10" wide bags at less than
Half of the price of  Foodsaver  bags
by Tilia
HERE for bag prices
Unlike many "Store Bought"
Machines we carry ALL the spare
parts in stock in CA for this and all
machines we sell
Sinbo-DZ-280/SD Vacuum Sealer
with NEW wider seal
Price $99.00 includes 30 FREE Bags
Sinbo Home/Light Industrial Vacuum Sealer
This is the same model as DZ-280 on other
sites. 11" plastic vacuum sealer. It has a
controlled heat-seal timer and an automatic
over heat warning indicator. The sealer is
energy efficient, compact, & portable in
size. Simple to operate. No compressor or
special bag is needed. Has a snorkel like
the large industrial sealers which retracts
to allow sealing.
(includes 30
FREE bags)  PRICE only $99.00
scroll down to purchase
Instructions for changing the
wire element and teflon
Industrial Vacuum
Bags Click HERE
Sealers Unlimited supply's & represents manufacturer's of a complete line of Heat Sealers and Vacuum Bag Sealers to meet the needs associated with packaging of sterile medical devices,
pharmaceuticals, bio -tech, clean-room, electronics,vacuum sealing  food, cosmetics and industrial product vacuum sealing. Our line of Heat Sealing bag Machines includes  Medical, Impulse,
Constant Heat and Vacuum Sealers. Our Vacuum Sealer line from the Amerivacs Vacuum Bag Sealers to the Budget Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer, have the muscle and versatility to handle virtually
parts , automatic poly bag sealer parts,bags Sealers for Polyethylene bags
Showing lid open
and sliding spout
(Snorkel) which
bags fit over this
machine will seal
vacuum bags,
mylar bags, gold
foil bag and ziplok
vacuum bags
Repair Kit $14.50
Vacuum Bags